A celebration of each other ( & little things) ❤︎

Close friends, passionate creatives and enterprising professionals, Gagan and Gitanjali have been through a lot over the past decade. One moved countries for education, a career, and more recently marriage, while the other chose a break from a successful career after the birth of her child to be a full-time mother. Like anyone else in meaningful relationships, theirs has been cemented over time, with shared moments and cherished memories, experienced together, both in person and across long distances in this increasingly small world. With major life events and big things to mark them.Everyday joys & little things.
Witness to each other’s lives, they celebrated their connection, their common journey, and their unique experiences, with gifts that anchored them to those fleeting but cherished, precious moments in their hectic lives. Reflecting both their aesthetic tastes and the value these memories held for them, their gifts tended to be beautiful everyday jewelry, which they personalized with handwritten messages and photos of their shared moments. To them, the gift was made special since it wove in a part of their shared memories.
With this, & Little Things was born.
& Little Things is a personalized gifting experience with a collection of minimalistic jewelry which is creatively packaged in a handcrafted Keepsake Box.
It is their tribute to jewelry, the gifting experience, and the people gifting and receiving.
A celebration of each other. & Little Things.



Our Belief ❤︎

Little things matter the most

At & Little Things we believe that "little things matter the most". Through purpose-driven practices like giving back to the community, being socially responsible and environmentally conscious, we aspire to be the change we seek in the world.

Giving back to our community

We value every opportunity to give back to our communities and you can empower us to create this impact. Every keepsake box that is personalized by you, will contribute a small share to Neev, a learning center for the under-served initiated with the aim of making a difference to the society. With a little act of personalizing your box, you create a pleasant memory for a little someone. Yay!


 Social responsibility & Sustainability

We would love to lead by example to create positive social change. We’re committed to supporting our community and the local economy by handcrafting all of our packaging in our studios. We’re dedicated to handcrafting these beautiful products through an environmentally conscious process. We'd like to do our little bit for this planet we all call home. Whoop Whoop!


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